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What’s happening this month?

LWC Live Events: Every month we hold a LWC Live event where you can meet a leading literary agent or publisher.

In August, LWC will be on the beach but will be sending out lots of advice and tips from published authors, agents and publishers. Please sign up in the green box if you’d like to receive these emails.

Otherwise, we’ll be meeting again in September for an evening with the agent, Sophie Lambert from Conville & Walsh.

Become a full member of London Writers’ Club and entry to each LWC Live event is free for a monthly fee of just £9.97. Or if you live out of town (or can’t make every event), we’ll send you the video recording. 

London Writers’ Club Live is a fantastic opportunity for writers to meet agents who are actively looking for new manuscripts. If your manuscript is in shape and ready to pitch you can introduce yourself at our event and ask the agent if you can pitch to them directly, by-passing the slush pile.

There’s even a pop-up writers’ retreat in Bali coming up soon.  Details here.

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Future events at London Writers’ Club.

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