Top tips from Marie Phillips

July speaker, Marie Phillips, was very funny and insightful, she gave us these unique top tips for writing a novel:


1.  Ideas – keep them in your head to help them grow and blossom.
2. Make sure they are sticky ideas so further ideas stick to them.
3. Do research – if relevant – but don’t overdo it.
4. Planning – not too much or too little.
5. Know your ending – wihout it, you won’t know what your journey is.
6. Use Scrivener for index cards on screen; a very useful way to plan.
7. Best time to write? Try the morning before you get too distracted by the day.
8. Make sure you have enough time to daydream.
9. Don’t talk too much as it will become fixed before you’re certain.
10. Giving up – do give up if you really, really can’t think of a way to fix what is wrong with it.
11. Writers’ Block. Welcome it. It’s telling you something needs rethinking.
12. Don’t show to your mum – ask 2 or 3 people who will give balanced advice.
13. Rewriting – you can change everything or nothing. You are the god of your book!
14. Now its time to talk – think aloud – does it work?
16. When is your book finished? When you can write no more; have no more ideas on it.

Finally, if your book is rejected: write another book and it will be better. If book is accepted: write another book and it will be better.

Bon chance,  Marie Phillips

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