LWC talks to blockbuster writer, Jessica Ruston


LWC talks to blockbuster writer, Jessica Ruston

Our October speaker will be writer, Jessica Ruston, author of the wonderfully glamorous blockbuster, LUXURY. Yesterday, we asked her our 10 quickfire questions:

1/Where do you write? At my kitchen table, curled up in my big pink velvet armchair, or in bed.
2/What time of day do you write? When I’m into a novel I work most of the day – but I need to start a.s.a.p. in the morning


3/Who is your favourite writer? Patrick McGrath.
4/What are you writing now? My second novel.
5/What do you wish you had written?Top of the list – Asylum, by Patrick McGrath  


6/What was the best advice someone has given you about writing? ‘It’s all part of the process’.  


7/What’s the best thing about being a writer? Not having to have a proper job.
8/What’s the worst thing about being a writer?
It can be very lonely.  Luckily, things like twitter have opened up dozens of new writer friends for me to connect with – the internet is a lifesaver if your job involves trying to make imaginary people do stuff. 
9/What inspires you to write? The fact that the alternative is getting a proper job.
10/What are your secret writing rituals?
I don’t think I have any. That’s dull, isn’t it?  A lot of procrastination until I finally force myself to get on with it, I guess, if you can call that a ritual…

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