'the publishing equivalent of Charlie's angels'

Well that’s how Ben Johncock of the Bookseller describes us in his latest article.

He writes: ‘Us struggling authors hear the word ‘no’ a lot.  No, we can’t publish you.  No, we can’t represent you. No, we can’t provide feedback. No you can’t email us. No we don’t want a coffee. No, you haven’t won. No, sweetheart, we can’t get another Mac. No no no NO!  It’s like being a toddler again, without any of the perks. Like going to bed at 7pm, or having someone cut up your food.

However!  All that is changing: I’ve met the publishing equivalent of Charlie’s Angels. Two über-babes who want to work with, and support, writers at all stages of their careers.’

Read the article here.

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