Great November event with Nii Parkes

Great evening with Nii Parkes at the November London Writers’ Club event. Our first live tweeting thanks to Ben Johncock, resident Tweet-King. And great write up from member, Nicki Le Masurier:

“Writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself. ~ Franz Kafka

Perhaps you need to get out more?

If you’re a writer, published or unpublished, (In fact, I see no real distinction between the two, you either write or you don’t.) Then you’ll know how isolating the creative process can be. How you can be so driven by the compulsion to tell your story, that suddenly you realise days have elapsed and you’ve turned into some feral like creature that eats straight from the fridge, ignores your friends calls (at least you hope they’re still your friends) and your only sustenance has been a bronchial sounding coffee pot spluttering out a constant stream of feculent looking rocket-fuel.

It was actually at this point when I realised I needed to get out. And so I did…….” Read the full piece here.


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