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It is a truth universally acknowledged that writers are in need of tea and cake so we were delighted to discover Rosie Lovell. She runs Rosie’s Deli Cafe and wrote Spooning with Rosie. Rosie is passionate about food so her book is a great example of writing about something you love.

Check out this video to hear her talk about her writing and the inspiration behind her book.
We asked Rosie some quickfire questions:


1/Where do you write? In a lot of different places. Sometimes in the kitchen if I’m working on a recipe, but often at the dining table surrounded by cook books when I’m in for the longhaul. I use to write in bed, smoking at the same time, but I’ve given that up now.
2/What time of day do you write? Usually in the afternoon when I’ve finished at the deli.
3/Who is your favourite writer? Nigel Slater on food; in fiction, I’m really enjoying Evelyn Waugh right now.
4/What are you writing now? I’m working on recipes daily. It’s like a journal really, when the recipe gets good it goes on the computer, otherwise it stays in evolution in one of my notebooks, always to hand.
5/What do you wish you had written? Nothing really, it wouldn’t be mine. Spooning is mine, and that’s enough for me.
6/What was the best advice someone has given you about writing? Well it’s actually about painting but it has always worked for me. Someone told me that you have to go away and come back to make any sense of it; you can’t keep ploughing through. So I make tea and eat cake then come back, realise it’s rubbish and start again!
7/What’s the best thing about being a writer?
Peace and quiet. My life is full of contradictions. In the shop I’m constantly rushing around on my feet, talking to people, hearing their woes and making their day better. Then I come home and sit quietly which couldn’t be more different. It’s a nice contrast.
8/What’s the worst thing about being a writer?
Being vulnerable to criticism but then again that’s the choice you make.
9/What inspires you to write?
Love and friendship. My work is about my life and the real things that happen, the food that comes with it, and the delicious memories. These are fortunate motivations.
10/What are your secret writing rituals?

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