Angel prodding and plaudits at LWC Live

One of the regular features of the London Writers’ Club Live evening is the Angel Prodding and Angel Plaudits session after the main speaker. It’s like a weight watchers weigh-in for writers.


We just ask people where they’re up to with their writing and what they aim to do before the next LWC Live. We Angel Prod to remind them of what they’ve promised themselves. And give loving Angel Plaudits when they deliver.


Ben Johncock was the writer who first called what we (Kirsty Mclachlan and Jacqueline Burns) do angel prodding. Speaking of which as a result of frequent Angel Prods, he’s now earned a huge plaudit for completely overhauling his novel and

tackling the trickiest bit of all – the synopsis. He handed over the revised synopsis to us – with a packet of easter eggs to help with the reading. We can’t wait to read this latest draft.


Without any Angel Prodding at all, LWC regular, Brigid Coady’s short story The Great Big Leap Forward will be published in ‘Even More Tonto Short Stories’ on May 6 (The Friday Project) See it on Amazon. Massive Angel Plaudits to you Brigid. We will be reading it this Spring. Perhaps we can Angel prod her into a full-length novel… or maybe she already has one at the back of her wardrobe.


Hela Wozniak Kay felt the fear of the white page but was Angel Prodded out of procrastination and her tenderly entitled book, Sisters with Balls now has a stonking intro which ‘just flowed and flowed’. Can’t wait to read more.


Julia Rebaudo, journalist and now novelist has 25,000 words under her belt after doing our February masterclass. She also said: ‘the masterclass really kick-started my writing routine. I loved the first-hand tips and advice from writers that would have taken me ages to figure out on my own. And I feel confident about how to approach agents when the time comes. The fact it was a teleclass was the icing on the cake – I might never have fitted it in otherwise.’


Liz Frost’s book is finally done. She’d tried but gave up on many novels before nailing it with Looking for Lucie. She’s only 50 typos away from her chick-lit beach read being sent out to publishers. She really earned her Angel Plaudit as it is now in near-perfect condition after many hard drafts. Well done Liz. Great timing too as she’s getting wed very soon and I doubt her husband to be would have liked her to still be editing on honeymoon.


Caroline Green is another masterclass grad and she is 30k words into her new novel since she did the classes. We haven’t read any of her novel yet but look forward to seeing it. She was most pleased with ‘being in the company of working authors, agents and a publisher and to be able to sharpen up my writing skills from the comfort of my armchair.’


Tell us what you’ve achieved with your writing and let us know on the last day of each month what you’d like to achieve next month.

Or better still come to the Live Event and get your in-person Angel Prod or Plaudit.

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