Andrew Lownie tells us just how to approach an agent

 Andrew Lownie will be speaking at LWC Live on October 19. Here are his top 15 tips for approaching an agent:


1/Address an agent correctly.
2/Make sure the agent handles what you are offering.
3/Pitch by email or letter rather than phone.
4/Try and personalise the letter.
5/Follow instructions.
6/If the book is rejected don’t point out to the agent they have made a mistake. Move on.
7/Make muliple submissions but keep quiet about them.
8/Don’t expect recommendations for other agencies.
9/Presentation is important.
10/Make it easy to open the parcel and to read the manuscript (no ring binders).
11/Be clear. The concept should be obvious from the opening sentence.

12/Don’t boast

13/Not every idea makes a book – it might work for an article and tv but not for a book.
14/Not every book is commercial enough for an agent or trade publisher. If it isn’t, think about self publishing.
15/Make it easy for an agent to respond – return postage and all your contact details should be included.


Come to the event or click here to get the recording.


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