What to write and who for? Where to start?

Our guest blog today has been written by John Williams, author of  Screw Work, Let’s Play, published this year by Pearson.
If you’re feeling frustrated with your writing or haven’t started yet and you’re obsessing about exactly what to write:
Heres my number one tip: Stop thinking! Start a blog and play out your idea; just start writing, explore your ideas, and see where it takes you. Look out for themes or styles that emerge over the time you write.
You’ll be naturally drawn towards writing about the things that most interest you, things that come naturally and that you find easy to write about.
If you’re not sure of the focus or the title of the book:
Think about the problem your book solves. Start with the people you want to read it, or the message you want to give, or the situation it is designed to help with – what is the problem those people struggle with or your message solves? If enough people have that problem (and know that they have it), your book will have an audience of motivated buyers. Focus on making sure the book addresses the problem and name the book accordingly.
If you’ve got writer’s block:
There is a battle going on between your instincts on what to write and what your Top Dog (or inner critic) thinks you should write. Ignore your Top Dog for a while and write whatever you feel like writing – in a different file if necessary. See where it takes you and what this means you might need to change in your book.

Good luck

John Williams
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