Flash Fiction with Miranda Glover

What is this thing called Flash Fiction?   And why should we care? 
miranda_0072bw-wi07_thumbLWC spoke with Miranda Glover, novelist and self publisher and co-founder of the Contemporary Women’s Writers Club. She explains what Flash Fiction is and why it is good for your writing.  
We especially liked her idea that it simply exercises your writing muscle along with the possibility that when you bang out the essence of a story in less than a 100 words (and often shorter) you might just have something that you can turn into a novel. Or you simply have a sparky piece of stand alone writing that inspires you to write more. 
Give it a try.  
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For a good example of Flash Fiction, Dave Eggers, Guardian Weekend Magazine columnist wrote a piece of flash fiction once a week over the period of a year. 
You’ll find all of them here: 
Don’t forget to add your flash fiction efforts as a comment to this blog. 

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