LWC member, Caroline Green, on making a trailer for her book

Author and journalist (and LWC member), Caroline Green’s debut novel, Dark Ride, is coming out in May. LWC was excited to find out that Caroline had made a trailer for her book. We asked her why she had decided to do this and how she went about it:
Dark Ride
Carolne: ‘Movie-style trailers are becoming increasingly common as a way to market your book but unless you’re a big name or with a wealthy publisher, it’s likely that you’ll have to go the DIY route. My publisher is an independent that doesn’t have the budget for this kind of publicity but they encouraged me to do one for my forthcoming novel Dark Ride if I could find a way…

So I did a bit of research and asked around. It turned out that a friend of a friend called Nick Morgan has just set up a media production company called Media Fox. With the help of a wonderful student from the Theatre School in Brighton who acted as my main character, Nick produced a trailer on a shoestring that looks every bit as professional as one done for ten times the price.


Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.’

 Check out the video below:




 Chapter One







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  1. I really enjoy watching video previews of novels. I had one made for Without Alice and had so much positive feedback about it that it is something I will be keen to do next time too. Going to watch your now 🙂

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