Day 11 of Stay Warm and Write Month

Hi all – thanks for joining us on our annual Stay Warm and Write month of daily ezines. Today’s tip comes from the writer and writing coach, Jurgen Wolff:

“Rather than stopping and starting when you’re writing and realise you need to do a bit of research, type YYY where the missing information will go. When you’ve finished your draft, use the “find” function to locate all the YYYs and do the research all in one go.”

Jurgen Wolff’s newest book is “Your Creative Writing Masterclass” (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) and he’s giving a talk on turning ideas into action at the Scanners meeting tonight, Wednesday, at 7pm: information here.

Join us at our January LWC event with the agent Juliet Pickering on January 24, full information here

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