Day 22 of Stay Warm and Write Month

Hi all – thank you for such lovely feedback on our daily tips. Its been great to hear from so many of you. Today’s tip comes from Jacqueline Burns, literary agent and co-founder of London Writers’ Club and follows on the theme of how to get valuable feedback:

Talk about your book; it helps you to figure out, if you listen to yourself as you talk, whether it actually works or not.

Watch your listener, are they confused or enthused?

If you ask someone to read your book, tell them what you need to know.  Such as: do my characters work; is the dialogue plausible?

When you are asked to clarify something that is unclear in the book don’t go into great detail explaining – look to your pages to see why they are confused.

What the reader is usually saying is that what you intended is not there in the writing. Telling the reader won’t fix it; redrafting will.

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