Guest blog: Five top tips for pr-ing a self published book

  1. Get as many friends/interested parties to review your manuscript in its draft form. Use the feedback to improve your script and also to quote/add testimonials to your website ahead of launch. Ask friends and people who have purchased the book to leave a (hopefully positive) review on Amazon as this will influence potential buyers decisions, particularly in a crowded market place.
  2. Get as many online bloggers, authors and peers to read and review your book on their website and link to your website and also your social media profiles such as facebook, twitter etc
  3. Put on a book launch party and invite press. Get a celebrity (see photo!) to endorse the book/write the foreword to encourage press interest.
  4. Get on TV! Write to producers of TV shows, use contacts to get on TV talking about your book.
  5. Write for magazines and get featured as an expert on the subject your book covers.  Write for relevant publications which have readership in your particular field. Keep an eye out for relevant stories, linked to your book content in newspapers to take advantage of and send a press release out to encourage the paper to use your article with a plug of your book at the end.

The Cancer Journey Book

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