Want to write a mini-opera?

We were delighted to hear from the ENO today about a great opportunity for writers. Fancy writing a mini-opera?


ENO is proud to announce the launch of Mini Operas. From 26 March 2012, a groundbreaking and innovative worldwide search for new talent will seek to reinvent opera for future generations. We are on the hunt for exciting visionaries, furthering ENO’s commitment to revolutionise opera, attract new audiences and break new ground.

But what does that mean for you? And how can interested parties get involved?

Mini Operas’ aim is three fold: to find new scriptwriters, composers and film makers. The competition will run in three rounds dedicated to each discipline. Much like the professional creative process, Mini Operas is a collaborative venture. One participant will provide inspiration for the next, with each round activated by ten final entries from the previous stage. To break it down for your calendar:

26 March-21 May: Scriptwriting competition open to entries

4 June -23 July: Soundtrack competition open to entries

6 August -24 September: Filmmaking competition open to entriesFirst up, writing entrants will be able to enter their scripts based on three example story lines. For the next two months, we are on the hunt for your opera scripts! To ignite your imagination we have enticed three of the most influential writers to provide Mini Operas’ seed stories: Will Self, A.L Kennedy andNeil Gaiman. The process is simple: just choose the story that most inspires you. Then write a 5-7 minute opera script based on that story.

From now until 21 May, you can submit your script entries viawww.minioperas.org. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to help deliver your best work, including our ‘Process Explained’, video guides and expert help from industry professionals.

Later on in the year, the ten scriptwriter finalists will be put forward and composers will have the opportunity to compose an original score to these unique stories. From here, ten composer finalists will be picked and the competition will open up for filmmakers to construct their vision for the complete Mini Opera.

Not only that, we’ve lined up an impressive roster of mentors and judges – all experts in their field – to guide you through the process. FromJeremy Sams, to Terry Gilliam and Nico Muhly, we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to kindling your talent.

So, what are you waiting for? To sign up, take part, check dates and read up, click on Mini Opera’s website below. Better still, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Get creating and help redefine opera on a global scale. The worldwide talent search starts here…




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