There are two approaches to both writing and cooking….


Today the lovely Deborah Dooley of Retreats for You has written the following guest post:

I’ve always thought that there are two distinct approaches to both writing and cooking. You can either plan, map out, gather and carefully weigh ingredients, and write synopses until you no longer know the meaning of the word. Or you can simply do it.

The first method requires a lot of pondering time, masses of paper, possibly some index cards and quite probably a lot of discussion – with yourself and others. Or a weighing scales and a recipe to which you adhere like bubblegum to a shoe. The second approach demands a laptop/notebook and pen and a burning desire to tell the story. Or simply a basic idea of the end food product and a willingness to compromise, substitute and frequently taste. Personally I favour a bit of both methods – and I know that both can work beautifully. In the end it comes down to whatever feels right for you, but the important thing, it seems to me, is not how you do it, but rather that you do it.

So, rather than wishing like mad that you could write, like some other lucky people, or that you could produce the kind of meals that make people smile and smack their lips, like some other lucky people, and endlessly discussing the possibility of doing either or both, the trick is to grab a pen/keyboard/wooden spoon/spatula and get cracking. You’ll be amazed at what happens next.

I can’t think of a better time to visit Deborah at Retreats for You. Set in North Devon, Deborah gives writers the space to write. As a journalist and writer, she is also on hand to offer advice – and homecooked food.

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