Start Write: an A-Z of inspiration from Frances Booth

An A to Z of writing inspiration from Frances Booth to see you through these cold dark days:

•A is for the alphabet. Without which, writers would be nothing!
•B is for having a break. Know when you need to do this rather than pushing through.
•C is for creativity. Explore it in all its forms (art, music, design …) to spark ideas.
•D is for designers. Great people to know and collaborate with.
•E is for explore. Explore places, explore genres, explore minds.
•F is for fiction. Whatever you’re writing, reading good fiction always helps improve it.
•G is for go. Getting started is often the hardest part. Learn how to stare down that blank page.
•H is for history. Trawl it. There’s no use-by date on great writing.
•I is for inspiration. Keep being inspired as a writer and you’ll never be lost for words.
•J is for joy. One of the luckiest things about being a writer.
•K is for keeping going. Never. Give. Up.
•L is for limits. Go beyond what you thought might be possible with a piece of writing. Be brave and say it.
•M is for middle. Sometimes a tricky point. Set targets and use tools to get all the way to the end.
•N is for non-fiction. A great genre.
•O is for other people. Sometimes they help you, sometimes they hinder you. Know the difference.
•P is for pens and pencils. Yes it’s perfectly OK to have a magic pen that helps you write better.
•Q is for quiet. Like in a library.
•R is for reward. Build these in to your day (a cup of tea in half an hour, a walk at midday …) and you’ll keep going more easily.
•S is for story. Your staple diet.
•T is for thank you. A writing journey involves many people who support you. Thank them.
•U is for unique. Every writer is.
•V is for view. Sit at a window, and write.
•W is for the world. Visit new bits of it whenever you can.
•X is for filling space. Words go here xxx. Don’t stop when you get stuck. Don’t censor. xxx it, carry on, and edit later.
•Y is for you. Find your voice. Stay true to it. Use it.
•Z is for zzzs, essential for creativity.

Frances Booth author of The Distraction Trap, to be published in March 2013, is an expert in digital distraction, attention and switching off.

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