Start Write: things to avoid – and to do – in a pitch letter

Top things to avoid saying or doing when pitching:

•I’ve been writing since I was four years old
• Take up valuable pitching space saying – my friends, my mum really likes it…
• Anything irrelevant – see above.
• Sending presents.
• Trying too hard to please in your cover letter. Just be yourself.

What to do instead:

•Bullet points are brilliant – cover what your and your books selling points are.
• Write your cover letter in the style of you.
• Write a blurb rather than a synopsis – it’s snappier and more succinct.
• Remember you’ll need more content for a non-fiction book along with a more structured book proposal.
• Tell me why you are especially fit and qualified to write the book you’re pitching.

Hannah Ferguson is a literary agent at The Marsh Agency

On Twitter: @agentfergie. Follow her and let her know you’ve connected through London Writers’ Club.

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