Rose Goodwin, LWC recent member, on places to write in…

We all know how important rooms of our own are to write in. Rose Goodwin, LWC member, and writer, is living in Spain at the moment. But she has a house in Norfolk thats just perfect for writers….

I couldn´t be happier than where I´m living now. It´s only temporary, but it´s perfect.

It´s sideways on to a road which runs beside the beach, so raising my eyes from my mac, I see road, promenade, sand, sea and sky. Wild, grey and wet today. The noise is almost the best thing – living with the constant sound of the sea. I´ve achieved my dream of writing in a foreign port, and bless the circumstances that led to me ending up in this particular one, Gijón, in Asturias, on the north coast of Spain. My pocket description of Asturias is that it looks like South Island in the Lords of the Ring, but the hobbits are communists.

Meanwhile, the house I´ve left behind, in north Norfolk (another north facing coast) might be someone else´s dream. I was longing for life in the heart of a city, but if you want peace, birdsong, the stars at night, a couple of miles walk to the sea, it´s all there. The house is outwardly conventional (one storey, raised up, ) but has Tardis-like qualities. There´s a study with a woodburning stove in that gives out on to the garden, and there´s two of everything (bedrooms, bathrooms,) so it could be good for a family or two people sharing: the two most recent tenants were both writers who loved being there alone.

Do contact me on for details.

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