LWC member, Peter Knight, writes ‘whenever and wherever the fit takes’ him

I mainly write locked away focusing in my home office.
However, I also write whenever and wherever the fit takes me. I like to make good use of my time as I always have a lot going on so I tend to read what I wrote the evening before travelling to and from work on the train. It enables me to amend any typos, improve the flow and write additional content that I can add when I get home. I also write new material on the train as well as doing some of my research (which largely consists of reading other books on my Kindle).
There are many occasions when an idea suddenly comes to me. This can be at random times during the day and often when I wake up in the morning. I immediately type my thoughts into my iPhone or Ipad as the two devices sync and I can send my work to my lap top which saves having to re-type it. I use the same technology for writing new content for my book.
I have been writing my book ‘Your Choice for Tomorrow Today’, which helps young people identify and pursue their ideal career, linked to their passion, so that they may lead happy and fulfilled lives (after all, you only get one life so why waste it doing something you hate?) for most of the year. In order to finally finish it I enrolled on John Williams’ (‘Screw Work Let’s Play) and Selina Barker’s 30 Day Challenge. I am aiming to finish the book and have it ready to publish by noon on 30th November.
I am also attending Jacq Burns’ Write With an Agent event on 29th November to help me in achieving my goal.

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