Curved House Kids – launches MAKE-YOUR-OWN series of books

Guest blog from Curved House Kids as they launch their first MAKE-YOUR-OWN series

Some of you might have seen a little flurry of excitement over on Facebook this week as we launched our new go go gadget arm of the business: Curved House Kids. This is a momentous occasion, second only to being born.

We are launching four books in the MAKE-YOUR-OWN series:

My Summer Snowman written by Chester Travis and Monster Small, Monster Big written by Keith Tilbury are out now!

These are ILLUSTRATE-YOUR-OWN BOOKS so they have a story but no illustrations, allowing kids to illustrate their own book. The stories are awesome (thank you Chester and Keith) and we have an online gallery where kids can upload their books. There are already some creative little beans submitting their work . I’m particularly enamoured with Lilly’s toothy monsters and Mia’s floating one-eyed head !

Grandma’s Jungle Party illustrated by Ben Hawkes and Up, Up in to Space! illustrated by Megan Archer are coming on 9 December

These two are WRITE-YOUR-OWN BOOKS so they have illustrations but no story so the kids can write their own book. Together with these two fantastic illustrators we’ve developed picture stories that have lots of visual clues for the kids to pick up on and can’t wait to see what kids do with them.

Get ’em here:

For those interested in the inner workings of this project – the aim has been to create books that give all kids access to reading and literacy, regardless of their ability, skill level or how their brain works. I’m a great believer in using visual literacy (the ability to understand and interpret images) to break down the barriers to reading that many kids face and I’m certain it is going to become one of the key ways we educate our kids in the future, especially in an increasingly digital and image-heavy world. If you don’t believe me, believe Martin Scorsese

Please grab a copy of one of our books and get your kids scribbling! We are proud to donate 20p from every copy to Booktrust’s Children’s Reading Fund and we’re also running a competition between now and 5 January, looking for the best Snowman illustration:. The winner will receive 20 copies of any of our books for their friends or class mates and a visit from author and entertainer extraordinaire, Chester Travis! We’re accepting submissions from anywhere in the world and from kids aged up to 12.

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