Five top tips for Autumnal writing from Deborah Dooley’s Retreats for You

1.        Eat well. It’s impossible to think clearly when you’re hungry and it’s even more important to be well nourished in the colder months, when you may be a little run down. Think soups and casseroles, using lots of lovely root veg.

2.       Join/start a writing group. This is the perfect time of year to spend an evening or two a month with like minded writers, sharing your work and supporting each other.

3.       The new school year is a good time to exercise some self discipline – and set aside part of your day or week for your writing. Be firm (with others as well as yourself) and give your writing the respect it deserves.

4.       Autumn brings glorious colours, which can inspire and excite. I find that an arrangement of autumn leaves on my desk lifts my mood – even at those times when every word I’ve ever written seems like complete rubbish.

5.       If you think you’re blocked, don’t sit and stare at your screen/notepad. Go for a run/brisk walk. The fresh air will clear your head and when you get back, suddenly everything will make sense again.


 Deborah Dooley of Retreats for You.





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