Do’s and Don’t’s for authors going to the London Book Fair

Our next event is on April 14 at Clays HQ (full details here) – we are delighted to be holding this event during London Book Fair week but what are the do’s and don’t’s for authors going to t he London Book Fair? CompletelyNovel tells us here:

It’s The London Book Fair again! From 14-16 April, authors, agents, publishers and everyone else involved in the book industry will gather at the new venue of Olympia for conferences, seminars, networking and those all-important meetings.

The fair is primarily a place for publishers and agents to sell rights, but it’s also a great place for authors, too. If you’re thinking of visiting, here are 5 Dos and Don’ts to help you make the most out of your ticket.

DO: Take the opportunity to learn about the publishing industry.

Find out what books are coming out in the next year. What concepts are trending at the moment? How might your book might fit in? Use this information to tailor your submissions, or in your marketing if you are self-publishing. Find out about the new names in publishing – both large and small, traditional and tech. Are there any new opportunities emerging?

Attending seminars aimed at publishers could also be helpful. Understand the industry better, or find out about such things as: What Metadata Really Does, and Seven Marketing lessons from Successful Tech Start-Ups.

Full article here

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