When is a book not just a book



Once you have written your book, you have developed a tool that can be used in a number of ways – beyond the traditional hard copy or digital download – these include the following:


Serial rights – the sale of extracts from your book to a magazine/newspaper (prior to its publication date).   Think about ‘extras’ you can offer – downloads, podcasts – get media savvy.

Audio rights – adapt your book into an audio book (read by yourself or an experienced reader). This can be sold in a hard form or in downloadable form. Also, short clips of you reading extracts on your website – an easy and quick way to connect with your clients.

E-courses and teleclasses – use your book as the basis of an e-course – taking each chapter as a section of the course. Or offer teleclasses that can provide clients with live Q and A’s and discussions centred around the book.

Workshops – as above, your book could form the basis of a one day intensive workshop.

TV – your book could translate into a TV format.

Radio – you could sell extract rights to a radio broadcaster or use your book to send to radio producers to secure guest spots on topical shows.


A book is never just a book! It can provide endless opportunities to increase your income expand your business clientele and give you greater authority and credibility. For a little cost and effort, you can differentiate your business in the marketplace and put yourself above the competition.  What are you waiting for?


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