Q and A with February speaker, commissioning editor, Sam Eades

Orion role for Eades

1/Please could you give us a brief biog.

I have recently moved into editorial at Orion following nine years as a publicist at Transworld, Headline and Macmillan. I am actively acquiring fiction for 2016 and 2017.

2/What is the most recent book you’ve bought?

A twisty psychological thriller for 2017 that I am pitching as a dark While You Were Sleeping. It has three female protagonist and a huge twist at 50% which will change the reader’s perception of one of our leads.

3/What are you looking for?

On my wishlist at the moment is a new British police procedural series featuring someone at the start of their career, a cosy mystery series, psychological thrillers and smart reading group and sf crossover novels. I’m in that geeky early editorial stage where I love reading submissions but I would also love to work with agents closely on developing fiction ideas too!

4/Finally, what three writers – dead or alive – would you invite for tea and cakes

JK Rowling, Jo Nesbo and Agatha Christie. Can someone make that happen?

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