Do you need one to one help from an agent?

Writing can be lonely and the process full of doubt.

As a writer it’s easy to make the classic mistakes that hold back your writing and prevent you from creating a good book.

We can help with any part of the process, from first idea to published book.:

  • Developing a strong, workable idea
  • Planning a clear structure and outline for your book
  • Drafting and editing advice
  • Advising on the commercially appeal of your book
  • Advice on approaching agents and publishers
  • Finding the best option for you: Self-publishing OR trade publishing
  • Advising on publishing contracts and deals

Advice from industry experts early on in the process will save you months of your time, angst and even money. Get in touch now.

‘…Incredibly clued up and informative – you completely hit the spot. I feel very excited about my book and have great information to take away. ’

Suzy Greaves, Coach and author.

We offer:

Telephone mentoring and Face-to-face sessions

Simply fill in this form to tell us what you need help with and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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