Release the Bats!

You can be insecure and be a writer
You can be unsuccessful and be a writer
You can be a bad person and be a writer. 
You can be a drinker, a procrastinator, a freak.
You can be compulsive, dependent, delusional, manic.
You can be under house arrest.
You can be on medication.
You can be wrong.
And be a writer.
You just have to write.
That’s where it gets tricky.
DBC Pierre
The Booker Prize-winning author of Vernon God Little returns with a book about writing fiction:  Release the Bats: Writing Your Way Out of It.
‘Release the Bats is the most honest and exhilarating account of the writing life – the how-to, the why, the pitfalls, and how to avoid them – as I have read. Everyone who aspires to write fiction should read this book; every writer who does, will come away enlightened and inspired.’ – Lee Brackstone, Editor
‘When you first sit down to write, a hundred thousand decisions glare up from blank pages . . . But a curious thing can also happen: as you ponder how dumb it is to risk getting that many decisions right, you can end up feeling that alone and from scratch is where writing wants you. Where it wants every writer. That the risk is the whole job. That hauling you naked to a place where nobody can help you is how writing wrings out art. That the management of passion counts as much as the words, and that every new book should make its author a novice again.
Which as a novice, makes you a writer.
The only matter then is to keep writing.’

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