Diane Lee writes from Write a Bestseller Retreat in Bali




LWC Co-Director has just returned from the annual writers’ retreat in Bali. One writer, Diane Lee,  sent this post:

I’m sitting in my bungalows at Sharing Bali, listening to rain pelt down in fat drops, thunder rumbling in waves across the sky.  The spicy aroma of incense wafts  in through my window. Outside, rice paddies frame the property in e emerald rows. Sharing Bali is the perfect location for writer on retreat.

This my second year on retreat, and as a writer, I consider it to be an important part of my writerly life. No distractions like Facebook, Game of Thrones, recalcitrant children and attention-seeking pets and partners. No having to worry about mundane (but necessary) cooking Just writing, writing and more writing.

The 2017 retreat dates are:

March 24-27, Write your Story Intensive, how to nail your backstory to create a profile that connects and creates visibility. *includes Skype coaching pre-retreat.

September, 7-11, Write a Bestseller – an intensive novel-writing retreat.

Register now to book your place: laura@londonwritersclub.com

More information here. 

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