Are you writing a non-fiction book? Join us on our workshop on 6 October

Work on and refine your pitch with literary agents and founders of London Writers’ Club, Kirsty McLachlan of David Godwin Associates Ltd. and Jacq Burns. 
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  • Learn what makes a great non-fiction proposal and what agents expect to see in a winning proposal
  • Test the strength of your concept and idea
  • Understand how to show that only you can write this book – and to understand the power of back-story to position yourself as that author/ expert.
  • Be clear about your next steps
  • Find the perfect title and subtitle for your book

Finding an agent and a publisher is akin to asking someone to invest their time, money and belief in you and your project.  It follows that this doesn’t come easily but has to be earned by presenting an exciting and original concept with a good manuscript and a compelling and convincing proposal. Come with an open mind as to what your project needs to be commercially successful and be prepared to work hard to achieve it. Get ready to road test your idea: 

  • Are you really ready? Do you really know what you are writing about?  It may sound obvious but finding the gem at the heart of your book will ensure that your writing is focussed and both and agent and publisher will ‘get’ it.
  • Many rejections can be avoided by ensuring your book and your pitch are as good as they can be. This may require tweaks to your manuscript or to your proposal.
  • Work on your idea in the form of an elevator pitch. Each idea will receive individual feedback with action points to progress during the day.
  • Polish your pitch – learn what elements are vital for a great proposal.
  • Don’t get rejected unnecessarily by making classic mistakes. What elements should be in a winning proposal? What is your intention with your book? What do you want to achieve and does your pitch really show that? A solid proposal with a great underlying concept will always get the attention of an agent. You need to convince them in 30 pages that you will write a great book.

With support, hands-on advice and top tips from two agents during the day you’ll finish the day with a clear idea of your next steps in pitching your book. Central London location
September workshop full. Email info for the next available date now.
Submit your synopsis in advance of the workshop.  Look forward to a minimum of 20 minutes one-to-one advice with an agent during the day.
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