Ten Steps Towards Releasing Your Creative Flow

   1/Preparation – read, jot down your ideas, keep your eyes and ears open for conversation, new experiences, a gathering of thoughts.  2/Incubation – during this time, ideas begin to become sticky – forming concepts. Stories form, characters appear and plots reveal themselves. Think about mind maps, plot sketches etc.  3/Excitement – the moment you realise you have a great idea!  4/Evaluation – is your idea really a great idea? Be critical.  5/If the answer is yes, its time to begin writing.  6/Obstacles? find your inner child. Be curious.  7/Set a writing pattern? do you write everyday? at weekends? on the way to work?  8/Be in charge of your writing time – put a ‘do not disturb’ on your door – even if its for 20 minutes a day.  9/Make time to think. This is as important as the writing time. Go for walk/runs/swims – exercise can release new ideas and shape those you have.  10/Create a personal space – put photos up which connect to your book – quotes or objects which will help inspire you.

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