‘The publishing equivalent of Charlie’s Angels. Two über-babes who work with, and support, writers at all stages of their careers.’ The Bookseller

‘Every writer wants their writing to be read. London Writers’ Club connects writers from around the globe connect with UK agents. ‘ Jacq and Kirsty, co-directors London Writers’ Club
Jacq Burns previously commissioned at Random House and Harper Collins. She now agents non-fiction including: personal development, business, how-to books, parenting, and well-being. For fiction and non-fiction writers she runs writing retreats and workshops. She has ghosted a range of subjects from neuroscience to forced marriage and also wrote humorous books under a pseudonym.  Jacq is also the author of the book ‘Write a Bestseller’.

Kirsty McLachlan is a literary agent with twenty years publishing experience. Previously, at the Abner Stein Agency, she is now an agent at the David Godwin Associates Ltd. and represents a small stable of authors including non-fiction and fiction writers, children/YA writers and graphic novelists.

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