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Notes from live event with agent, Camilla Wray

Camilla Wray, originator of PITCH AN AGENT, is the Crime & Thriller agent at the Darley Anderson Literary TV & Film Agency. She studied English Literature and Psychology at Cardiff University, specialising in novel writing and abnormal psychology. In 2003 she co-founded a successful business and worked on this until 2005, when she decided to follow […]

Competition and top tips for writing Flash Fiction

The Casket of Fictional Delights 2017 Flash Fiction Competition Flash Fiction offers writers the challenge of creating a masterpiece in miniature. It is enjoyable and addictive to both the reader and the creator.  How do you go about creating the perfect flash fiction? Work the title – in flash fiction you have a limited number […]

Guest post by Shalini Bhatt: notes on LWC event with Ben Clark

Events and networking are key in the publishing industry. That’s what I keep hearing, over and over again, anyway. So I jumped at the chance to attend a networking talk with Jacq Burns and Kirsty McLachlan, otherwise known as the London Writers’ Club. They hold an event every month to put writers – with or […]

Agent Hattie Grunewald of Blake Friedmann talks to LWC

  We all miss Carole Blake a lot at Blake Friedmann, and obviously the office is not the same without her. But we know she would have wanted us to pull together to carry on her brilliant legacy. And that’s just what we’re doing. I am actively looking to grow my list this year. I […]

How to choose an agent – LWC Live with Federica Leonardis

  We have all the top London agents speak at London Writers’ Club and each time we love ’em for sharing something different. Federica Leonardis kicked off the new year at LWC Live with debut novelist Sonya Lalli. I would want her to be my agent if I were shopping for one. It is such […]

What Makes you ‘you’? Guest Blog

What makes you, you? Flicking through a magazine this question caught my eye. It went on to suggest creating a snapshot to represent who you are to the rest of the world.  What would you look like? What would you be doing?  Try it? A recent revelation makes me believe the next step is to think about […]

What’s happening at LWC in 2017?

Perfect your concept and pitch workshop – January 26 10.30-4.30pm First, we road test the concept of your book. This is the number one thing that excites an agent and will have them queuing up to represent you if your writing is good and you can deliver on the concept. Then we move on to […]

Flip your writing hurdles?

What are the hurdles that stop you writing? Is it shortage of time, noise, kids or like me, winter inertia?  At my Sharing Bali writers’ retreat we got great work done – words down, plotting, planning, undoing blocks – but since the retreat each writer has returned home and faced hurdles that stop them writing. The hurdles are different for […]

Diane Lee writes from Write a Bestseller Retreat in Bali

      LWC Co-Director has just returned from the annual writers’ retreat in Bali. One writer, Diane Lee,  sent this post: I’m sitting in my bungalows at Sharing Bali, listening to rain pelt down in fat drops, thunder rumbling in waves across the sky.  The spicy aroma of incense wafts  in through my window. […]

Do you need one to one help from an agent?

Writing can be lonely and the process full of doubt. As a writer it’s easy to make the classic mistakes that hold back your writing and prevent you from creating a good book. We can help with any part of the process, from first idea to published book.: Developing a strong, workable idea Planning a […]