Write your Book in 6 Months – a programme of advice, mentoring and hands on writing.

We know how easy it is to let book writing slip to the bottom of your to-do list. Without a firm guiding hand it can take years to write a book or it may not happen at all.

This is what we’ll provide:

  1. Assessment in person or by telephone – to find out where you are with you book and what needs to happen next.
  2. Blueprint – we develop a firm schedule for you to work to so that your book gets written.
  3. Brainstorm and feedback from publishing experts on your book concept and your writing as it develops.

We will design a 6-month program to suit you:

  • Complete with pre-assessment homework and blueprint pack
  • Choose from one-to-one sessions by telephone, email or in person.
  • Add in monthly write with an agent sessions – optional but highly recommended.

Email to tell us your book needs.  jacq@londonwritersclub.com

If you have an idea, let us help you turn it into a book.

I arrived with just a few book ideas,  months later I had a book deal with a major publisher.’

John Williams, author of Screw Work, Let’s Play www.freestylesuccess.com

‘You’ll get the necessary insight to help you succeed with your book. You’ll get sensible, practical advice to knock your project into shape, FAST. They are the people I go to for book advice and coaching’

John Hine, Coach/author and Tai Chi Instructor www.johnhine.net

‘Inspiring, encouraging and wise. Within a few months, I had two books under my belt. I received the background and contacts to make the books a reality and I am indebted.’

Tricia Woolfrey www.pw-hypnotherapy.co.uk