Exclusive interview with ‘romantic and buccaneering’* agent, David Godwin

We asked Literary Agent David Godwin of David Godwin Associates what he would like for Christmas. 


He said it would probably be a debut novelist. It is what excites him most. The thrill of building up an author. 


‘I often travel to meet authors – not only is it fun, especially to travel to India, but the trip also gives me a great back story when I’m pitching the book to editors.’


You might have read about his intrepid trip to India in the Saturday Guardian this weekend:

‘The days when life as a literary agent could be romantic and buccaneering may not be entirely past after all…..Best known for his dramatic flight to the subcontinent to sign up Arundhati Roy, Godwin then described a 36-hour journey to the home in northern India of the Australian writer Robyn Davidson, involving a flight to Delhi, an overnight train journey, two hours in a car and a pony ride up a narrow track. A memoir by Robyn Davidson, celebrated for her offbeat travel book Tracks, was duly acquired’.


 LWC was lucky enough to interview David just days after his return from this trip. His passion for first time authors – and even more established ones – shines through.


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*Saturday Guardian, 11/12/10

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