February Live: Felicity Trew of Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency

February 26   6.30-8.30pm (speaker on at 6.45pm, followed by Q&A and networking)
Adam House, Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA
Talent-spotter, advocate, counsellor and co-conspirator are the four words Felicity Trew chooses to describe her work. Find out more at February’s event.
Members grab a ticket here. 
Or if you are not a member and would like to come, buy an advance ticket for £15, tickets on the door are £20.

One page pitches
Remember to bring your pitches to hand over to Felicity at the event
Some tips here on writing a synopsis
Remember to include:
Your name and title of your book
One sentence log line.
Two or three paragraphs about your book.
And the genre
Your contact details

2 Replies to “February Live: Felicity Trew of Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency”

  1. Hi… My name is Justin and I’m Nigerian… I’m not a writer.. Infact I might be the worst writer out there… But I have a very wild imagination… I have a novel that I’m currently working on and to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to do much with it when I’m done writing it… its an African fiction and I feel it’s going to be a great movie too… But the problem is… I really suck at writing… I already started writing it but I know the grammatical errors in it is going to make a newly born kid cry…. I guess what I’m saying is… It would be awesome if a professional hand could take over and make it look like a real novel or a script even…. Thank you…

  2. Hi Justin, there are lots of ways to get help with your writing. you can hire an editor for instance to help with expression and grammar. It’s time consuming though and so not cheap. If you need advice on the right one, email us via info@londonwritersclub.com

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