Write a Bestseller Masterclasses

Day masterclass, one-to-one advice & live pitch to an agent

It’s not easy to write and pitch a book. Most writers need help somewhere on their journey. In Jacq Burns masterclasses you’ll get her personal help to write and evaluate your book, to revise and edit with confidence, to keep going, and to start the pitching process. In the final session she will help you to pitch your idea to a leading literary agent.

These are small group sessions with a mix of one-to-one advice, masterclass and taking action on that advice that will move you on from wherever you are now, to get your book written faster and with confidence. You’ll also be set homework and have a one-to-one Skype sessions with Jacq.

Whether you’ve just an idea or an outline, or if you’re started your novel or non-fiction book and are ready to redraft, make your work commercial, think about your book proposal and synopsis you can do that here. Jacq will read a sample of your writing plus your synopis or outline in advance ready to advise you as you improve your proposal and writing.

What you get: Group workshop and one-to-one advice as you conceive, plot, write, edit and refine your book. Each masterclass group is carefully put together so that the group is supportive of you and your work, and you enjoy working with and bouncing ideas off other writers.

What do you need:

For the fiction or the memoir masterclass – an idea, a summary or outline, or draft of your novel. (Course duration: 4 months)

For the non-fiction masterclass, an idea, a page, bullet points, or an outline.  (Course duration: 3 months

What you need to do: Email laura@londonwritersclub.com and she will send you a programme and if you’d like, book in a call with Jacq.

Led by London Writers’ Club co-founder and Literary Agent, Jacq Burns who was commissioning editor at Random House and editorial director at Harper Collins. Co-founder of LWC.

Whether you are on your first or third book, these masterclass take your writing to another level with Jacq passing on invaluable techniques and sharing her knowledge from 25 years in of the industry.

‘You can save valuable time and money with Jacq’s advice; it’s worth its weight in gold at any stage of your book.’

‘I forgot all my fears and wrote 3,000 words without stopping!’

New masterclasses intake for both fiction and non-fiction January 2018. Register your interest with laura@londonwritersclub.com now.

Happy authors who’ve worked with Jacq:

‘The direction in your feedback was the crucial ingredient in propelling me to a place where I could actually finish the story.’  Sharon Lewis  I went on to secure a two book deal with Penguin/Random House, my first novel is Don’t Stand so Close.

‘I arrived with just a few book ideas, months later I had a book deal with a major publisher.’  John Williams, author of Screw Work, Let’s Play and Screw Work, Break Free. 

‘…Incredibly clued up and informative – you completely hit the spot. I feel very excited about my book and have great information to take away. ’  Suzy Greaves, Psychologies magazine editor & Coach www.thebig-leap.com

* For a taste of what to expect see Jacq’s book, Write a Bestseller 

* Prefer to work with Jacq via skype or one-to-one?  Email: jacq@ londonwritersclub.com