LWC talks to top agent, David Godwin

LWC talks to top agent, David Godwin

Over the coming months, LWC will be talking to as many industry professionals as possible – agents, publishers, publicity people, book designers etc. We are going to open our ‘little black book’ so you get to know who the movers and shakers are in this industry.


Today, we are talking to David Godwin (a past LWC David Godwinspeaker), top agent, his clients include three Booker Prize winners, including the recent winner, Aravind Adiga with his book, White Tiger.


1/How would you describe your taste in books in three words?   Passionate, international, optimistic.
2/What is the best thing about your job? Writers and books.
3/What is the worst thing about your job? Being hassled.
4/What book would you have liked to have agented?  Disgrace by Coetzee.
5/What inspires you in a writer? Talent and courage.
6/What top tip would you give to an unpublished writer? Don’t give up.
7/What’s the most common mistake writers make in submission letters? Being too predictable. Be brave, I need my attention captured.
8/What writer would you like to have round for tea?  Coetzee any time. I would go to Australia to have tea with him.
9/What could writers do to win you over?  Nothing. Its the writing that counts.
10/How do you see the publishing industry changing over the next five years? The industry never changes that much, good books still are at the heart of it.

Check out David’s ebook for more advice and words of wisdom. 

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