Will Atkins of Macmillan New Writing reveals 5 author-truths


Will Atkins, publisher of Macmillan New Writing, will be speaking at our event on January 26.  MNW publishes debut novels in any genre and positively encourages submissions from writers without agents.


So if you are a first time writer, this is the event for you – you get to hear Will talk about what makes a successful novelist and there will be time for you to ask him questions, both in the forum and afterwards, one-to-one.


Will gave us the following snappy author-truths for 2010:


  1. Writer’s block’ is a myth
  2. Deleting a thousand words can be more productive than writing two thousand
  3. A day spent thinking can be more fruitful than a day spent typing
  4. One writer’s ‘research’ is another’s displacement activity
  5. A novel is never finished – just abandoned


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