Q and A with the lovely Sarah Savitt, editor at Faber

1/What’s your job title?

Editor at Faber & Faber


2/What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just published Louise Doughty’s amazing novel WHATEVER YOU LOVE and am now thinking about how to make the paperback massive! I’m also editing a great debut novel and have just bought an exciting non-fiction book but neither has been officially announced yet so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell you…


3/What one book would you have liked to have published?

That’s hard. The first thing that came to mind was THE CORRECTIONS by Jonathan Franzen, partly because I just read and loved his new novel, FREEDOM. His characters are breathtakingly real.


4/What are you looking for?

I’m looking for fiction that combines wonderful storytelling with brilliant writing, and non-fiction that is accessible and provocative.


5/What defines Faber?

Faber is about quality, a love of reading, and being a home for writers.


6/What author would you like to invite round for tea?

Alice Munro – I’ve been reading her since I was a teenager and I feel like she helped me grow up.


7/What inspires you in an author?

An author’s writing is always the most important – and inspiring – thing for me. But I do admire writers who are both sure of themselves and can take on board the ideas of others.


8/What top tip could you give to a first time author?

There’s no need to rush – your first published novel may be the fifth one you actually write.


And a brief publishing biog.

Sarah Savitt has worked in publishing for seven years and is currently an editor at Faber, where her authors include Louise Doughty, Maria McCann and Kat Banyard. Her first job was Publicity Assistant at HarperCollins and she then worked for David Godwin Associates and Abner Stein before joining Faber in 2007.

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