Five top tips for getting published


Writers In Black and White: Contemporary Authors Discuss the Writing Life (Black and White Series)

Solange Berchemin, co author of Writers in Black & White out on November 1 has written the following five top tips to getting published. Writers in Black & White is an amazing book full of interviews with contemporary authors from all book genres, with beautiful black and white photographs of each author.

Be professional in your approach to publishers and editors:

Submit a short and clear synopsis with a realistic deadline and stick to it. If you decide to send your manuscript, target only publishers who are interested in your type of book.


Find your voice and keep writing:

You will most definitely need to adapt your writing to the target audience. So in order to be ready when you’ll get the green light, write, write, write, and write some more. Weave your mood into the narration and make sure that you can call upon your voice at a moment notice.


Get maximum exposure:

Maintain a presence in the fields you are interested in. It might even mean to write for free on a blog or as a trainee during a set period, in order to build a portfolio of samples.


Choose the right publisher:

Relationships with publishers are crucial. You may be lucky and have a choice of publishers.  A good publisher will provide a good editor and a publicist who will do everything possible to put your book in the limelight.


Be confident:

I was once told that when Sebastian Faulks finished one of his novel, as he was filing his research away, he sat down at his desk and burst into tears, thinking that he will never be able to write a novel again. Angst never goes away, you need to believe that you can do it.

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