Day 14 of Stay Warm and Write Month

Hi all – day 14 in our Stay Warm and Write month and our tip(s) today comes from the author John Purkiss/Author of four books including leading branding book: Brand You.

(1) stop reading other books in the genre in which you’re writing, at least for a few days or weeks while you write your draft. I find it helps to keep my mind clear. New ideas come out of the blue  when I’m walking down the street or washing up. There’s much less risk of regurgitating other people’s material.

(2) Get out of bed, make a cup of coffee/tea and write in your dressing gown for as long as you can before breakfast. This works particularly well when it’s cold and dark outside. Ideas that have been incubating overnight flow onto the page. Good luck with your writing!  JP

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