Day 31 of Stay Warm and Write Month

Hi all – today is our last day of Stay Warm and Write Month. We hope you have enjoyed the daily tips.

London writers club is all about helping you to up your writing standard and make the right connections to get you published. Your pitch letter is a key part of standing out from the slush pile and getting an agent to read on, some agents only take your synopsis and pitch letter in the first instance so they must be right.  Make every word work.

Jacqueline Burns and Kirsty McLachlan are both literary agents, as well as running the London Writers’ Club. Jacq was previously commissioning editor atRandom House and editorial director at Harper Collins prior to setting up as a literary agent and publishing consultant. Kirsty worked at the Abner Stein Agency and is now the film/tv agent at DGA Ltd., as well as representing her own clients.

The London Writers’ Club offers help for writers on their submissionpackage – perhaps, you are about to send your book out to agents and need to make sure its ready – or maybe you’ve already sent it out to a few and need some feedback to let you know why you are getting rejections. There are just four slots left for February so let us know if you’d like to book a slot now.
Do let us know if you have any ideas for the club or who you would like to hear speak at the monthly events
Good luck with your writing and remember if you’ve not been to the Club before your first visit is free (just let us know so we can put your name on the guest list).

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