Senior editor, Sarah Norman, to speak at LWC on 21st February

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Join us for February LWC event on Tuesday, 21st February with Sarah Norman of Atlantic Books. We are back in our usual venue, Clerkenwell House.  Book a ticket now – members come for free.

This year I’ll be looking to bring some debut talent and rising stars to the Atlantic fiction list.

Check out what Sarah Norman is looking for in 2012 (as well as lots of other editors) here.

‘I ransack public libraries and find them full of sunk treasure’ Check out these very literary

Two slots left in February for the Pitch Package report – are you getting more no’s than yes’s from agents and want to find out why?  Contact us now to grab a slot.

Lunchtime listen

The sound of deadlines pushing past is one of the sounds that authors are most familiar with – it’s very much in the gestational period.” In case you missed it – check out Vikram Seth on Desert Island discuss. Click here.

Dates for the Diary

21st February: LWC event with Sarah Norman of Atlantic Books.

2nd March: 1-2pm Members Exclusive Writers’ Surgery: members exclusive teleconference – join us for an hour of free advice from the comfort of your sofa. Email us if you’d like to join this.

Final Word

Check out the s**t agents and publishers say here.

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