Quick Q and A with our June speaker, literary agent Julia Churchill

Ahead of our event tomorow (Tuesday, 26th June), we have caught up with the literary agent, Julia Churchill to ask her a set of quickfire questions:


1/Please give us a brief biog.

My first job was at the Darley Anderson Agency in 2002, and joined the Greenhouse in 2009 where I run the UK business.

2/What are you working on at the moment?

A lot, but like most agents I’m superstitious and not going to talk about it.

3/What do you think is the current trend in children’s books?

I tend not to focus on trends. There is a lot of opportunity in not following them. I look for books that I love, regardless of whether they’re fashionable or not.

4/Which author would you have around for tea?

Sarah Crossan and Jeyn Roberts. My authors, but they live in the US and Canada and I don’t get to see them enough.

5/Which author/book would you have wanted to represent?


6/What top tip could you give an unpublished writer?

Most common problem we see in debuts? Too much happening. Identify the heart of your story, and focus on it. The kitchen sink can go.

7/You are running a funny fiction prize, any tips for writing funny books?
You don’t need to be funny in every moment.

We look forward to seeing lots of you tomorrow evening and if you can’t make it, remember you can always join the club for a POUND and we’ll send you the video of the evening.

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