LWC member, Daniel Cooper joins Amazon as head of Kindle Direct Publishing Europe

London Writers’ Club member, Daniel Cooper, has just moved to Germany to work as Amazon’s head of Kindle Direct Publishing Europe. He has decided to publish a novella on Kindle as well:

I just took a new job with my old employer, Amazon — as head of Kindle Direct Publishing Europe. The move happened after I finally plucked up courage to write and self-publish a novella on Kindle, following the inspiring evenings at LWC. Simon Sixsmith: A Ghost Story is the tale of a London-based obituaries writer who receives an American inheritance out of the blue. At 110 pages, I knew I’d struggle to interest a traditional publisher, but it’s the perfect length for an ebook.

When London-based obituaries writer Simon Sixsmith receives a letter out of the blue telling him he’s inherited a property in the Southern US, he can’t but help fly out and investigate. Yet when Simon arrives in the marshy South Carolina Lowcountry, all is not as it first seemed. As he is drawn deeper into his ancestors’ plantation-owning history, his problematic personal life and the horrifying events around the property come together to bring about a macabre conclusion.

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Read more about Kindle Direct Publishing here. and here.

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