Tube-Flash needs you!

Tube-Flash – the London Underground as never before

The Casket of Fictional Delight created by author Joanna Sterling invites you to take part in Tube-Flash, an exciting project giving writers the opportunity to showcase their work.  Tube-Flash is original flash fiction inspired by the London Underground and Joanna’s collection of vintage and contemporary brooches.  Each station is paired with a brooch, with writers responding to create a diverse collection of stories.  A new Tube-Flash story arrives every Monday morning at 09.55, you can find all the stories so far at and a subscription service is available delivering the stories to your email.

Joanna is looking for Tube-Flash writers for Phase 2 of the project.  Each story must be no more than 300 words, inspired by a station and/or brooch.  All selected Phase 2 stories will be published on The Casket of Fictional Delights in 2014.  All selected stories are also recorded, using professional actors and voiceover artists, as audio Storycasts and published on iTunes as podcasts.  A book covering all the stories and brooches is in discussion.

To be part of the journey visit Tube-Flash at for more information.

“Tube-Flash transforms the Underground map into a constellation of glittering new stars – a brave new world of fictional delights and exquisite jewelled muses” Saskia Boersma Brand Development Manager Transport for London

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