LWC member, Annie Ashdown, is WH Smith hit

Annie Ashdown, TV expert, coach, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker,
author of ‘Doormat Nor Diva Be’ and ‘The Confidence Factor’ Launched 18
Sept 2013 worldwide. £12.99. ‘Voted Best book of the month’ WHSmith. Annie tells us:

If you feel despondent whilst writing your book, focus on why you decided to
write in the first place. It is a challenge for most of us to write a book
whilst working and /or needing to generate income. Do not steer off track,
or allow other things to take over. Reframe your mind set – say ‘I can and I

I have clients/colleagues tell me they want to write a novel or to finish
their book but ‘don’t have time’. We all have the same amount of time
whether we are a Prime Minister or a Shop assistant. How you spend your time
reveals your true values and desires. Get smart with your time, honour it.
I chose to give up my social life and crack on with my books at night and
weekends as I was passionate to get my message out. The passion is what
motivated me.

Writing is a discipline and after having 2 books published I will never
abuse a book again by spilling coffee on it or knocking it about as I now
know how much work goes into writing a book. I salute each and every one of
you for wanting to get your message out…..

Get structured, get disciplined, get motivated, MAKE IT HAPPEN, You can do

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