January LWC Live and Story Circles

January LWC Live
Our first event of the year is on Tuesday, 22 January with Alice Lutyens of Curtis Brown.
Full details here and grab a ticket here (tickets are £15 in advance and £20 on the door – members come for free but do let us know if you want a ticket).

Dan Harmon’s Story Circle
Dan Harmon is a US writer who devised an algorithm that he believes can be applied to all stories you see on screen – but can equally be applied to any story – in any medium.
He sets out his ‘story circle’ in a series of blog posts aimed at demystifying the writing process.
The circle is divided into eight segments, each representing a stage of the plot. A character is introduced, wants something, enters a new environment, adapts to that environment, achieves their goal but encounters problems as a result, leaves that world and changes as a result. Read the first post here. 
April 2017 LWC Live

Archive: clip of agent, Camilla Wray of the Darley Anderson Agency

If you’d like to receive vid clips of each LWC event, plus free tickets to each event, join LWC, full details here.
Dates for 2019
January 22: Alice Lutyens of Curtis Brown
February 26 Felicity Trew of Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency
March 19: Samuel Hodder of Blake Friedmann Agency

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