How to Stage Dive

The American author, Dean Koontz wrote: “Writing a novel is like making love, but it’s also like having a tooth pulled. Pleasure and pain. Sometimes it’s like making love while having a tooth pulled.” Writing a book is a tough call – there will be times when you will feel stuck and unable to continue – remember this is not writers’ block, this is just part of the process. Get nimble with your words, your fingers and keep going.
Some novelists can write a book in six months – others, take years – this is not a competition to see just how fast you can spin out a book. Some writers are full-time writers, others have part-time jobs or even full-time jobs (or other commitments and responsibilities) – the time you take to write the book is an investment in the book. Even if you write for fifteen minutes a day, you can write a book. Don’t put it off – keep your intention and write – even a page a day, will take you and your book forward. Small steps equal larger leaps and bounds. To be a writer is a verb, not a noun – you need to actually write to be a writer.
Make a commitment to writing – try and write every day – and find a good place to write in. Furnish it with good pens, good coffee (or teas) and feel comfortable with writing. Don’t procrastinate – just plunge in and start at the beginning. Remember that looking out of the window and thinking is part of the process. So be gentle on yourself and try to think your way through problems and issues that arise in your writing.
I noticed a blog recently about¬†‘how to stage dive‘ – throwing yourself without fear into a sea of strangers – there are ways to protect yourself i.e. wear padded clothes, fall in the right way, aim for the big guys – but ultimately stage diving is about being passionate, being self confident, being self aware, having fun, letting go and being determined to make it work; and doing it over and over again. It struck me that this was an odd but close reference for writers.
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