How to write like a long distance runner

Today’s challenge – how to write like a long distance runner
1. Start with your mind – preparation for a long run begins in your head.
Think about your book as you go about your day.
2.Focus on hydration and nutrition.
Always have snacks and drinks to hand – do not spend hours in the kitchen whilst you should be writing.
3.Its not a race, pace yourself.
Keep going, don’t write so much on one day that you can’t write the next.
4.Break it into sections.
We said this before, but a submission letter, a chapter, even a page can be broken down into manageable chunks.
5.Consider refueling mid-run – take a break, go for a walk, listen to some music and then continue.
6. Don’t skip post-run recovery.
Read your words – read other writers – and take in other storytellers through books, films, TV series, podcasts and audio books.

4 Replies to “How to write like a long distance runner”

  1. Thanks – these are useful applicable tips that I am going to implement especially the pacing yourself bit to make writing less demanding on my time.

  2. I am limbering up for a writing run today, children, pets, partner and parents permitting ?

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